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Forgiveness Matters!

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Forgiveness is a BIG deal

Forgiving someone who has hurt you is one of the hardest things that you can ever do. Click To Tweet Period. Even when you KNOW that there are strong reasons to let go of the pain and bitterness – you don’t. Holding on to hurt will not allow you to move forward without getting lost again in those same old hurts. Please believe that you are not alone in this feeling. There is not a lot of understanding about the nature of forgiveness.It is reported that the most common reasons people fail to forgive is that they feel the perpetrator is getting away clean. Or that forgiving requires forgetting. That’s really not the case. Firstly, forgiving someone doesn’t let that person off the hook for bad behavior. It’s OK. Be mad about being mistreated. It’s your right. If you knowingly and deliberately hold someone captive by withholding forgiveness, it is wrong.. Trying to retaliate against the person who wronged you is also not a right. No one is expecting you to forget anything either. How do you learn from the experience if you forget? How do you learn to forgive if you forget? How can you revitalize your personal growth or teach others to forgive if you forget?

Forgiving someone for doing you wrong, is really not about THEM – it’s about YOU! Continued resentment caused by someone who dampened your confidence, wounded your pride, disappointed you, or damaged something you consider valuable, will rob you of happiness. It is a challenge to move forward. When you hold on to grudges it causes you to see your world in a negative light. It becomes harder to get inspiration and to find positive experiences when the seeds of resentment are present. Resentments cause conflict in other areas of your life as well. It disintegrates relationships. Resentment is emotionally draining and it affects your wellness over time. Forgiving is the beginning of healing, and to help you in the process here are 5 practical reasons to get you started.

God Forgives

Everyone one of us has sinned! Can’t get past that. Sin is very serious. Our sins caused Jesus to experience real suffering. He paid the greatest price for our sins. We are human.We constantly make mistakes that need the Lord to mercifully look past our offenses and to forgive our trespasses. He doesn’t overlook our offense. God has the full understanding of the beings He created and knows our character. That doesn’t even mean that there will be no earthly consequences, (If you put your hand in the fire it will still burn.) but He dismisses the eternal consequences. Jesus has already paid the penalty for your sins. ( Titus 2:14) When you acknowledge your failings and ask God to forgive you for the mistakes you’ve made-He will. (1 John 1:9 ) His forgiveness puts you back in a right relationship with Him again and restores fellowship. Because the Ultimate Judge is willing to forgive our failures, we must in turn be willing to forgive others.

It Hinders The Work of The Holy Spirit In You

Not forgiving is a sin. In Matthew 6:15 it says, “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” And if your fault is not confessed and cleansed everyday, it piles up between you and God to hinder your communion, to block your prayers, to taint your testimony, and to grieve the Holy Spirit. So the Lord teaches us here to come daily and confess our sins, asking for forgiveness. (1 John 1:9)

It Puts Your Happiness In Someone Else’s Hand

When you hold on to resentment and bitterness, it becomes a part of who you are. It begins to shape you in ways that you did not intend. Your decisions begin to revolve around the thing that happened to you to the point that your happiness belongs to someone else. If you are not happy and content until the person who hurt you apologizes or makes right the wrong that he did, then your happiness is actually in his hands. Resolve to take your life back. Take responsibility for your own joy and begin the process of forgiveness.

It Will Not Allow You To Move Forward

Forgiveness is a choice, and if you choose to hold on to past hurt and disappointment then you can not move on to a brighter future. Allowing the unfavorable circumstances to win means that you lose. Lose focus lose time and lose opportunities. Learning to forgive means that you recognize that the person who hurt you is just as human and prone to mistakes as you are. It will allow you to grow past the hurt and forgive.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

It is important to forgive if you are wanting to grow spiritually and personally. An unforgiving spirit poisons you with resentment anger and regret. Your spiritual growth depends on the Holy Spirit working in you to shape and mold you to His purpose. You are the image of God and He works in you mightily. As a child of faith, your communion with Him depends on having His Spirit within you. Failure to forgive, hinders the Holy Spirit. He cannot forgive you for your wrongs if you cannot forgive someone else. Your personal growth also sky-rockets as you let go of the past. You are able to build better relationships, better health, and better wealth because you are free of bitterness and frustration. Again, forgiving someone who has hurt you is not easy, but here are some ways to let go daily. Because God loves you, be prompted by love in everything you do.

Let It All Go It’s Not Worth Holding On To! Daily Action Steps

Pray! If you are serious about letting go the hurt then set your intention in prayer. Make it a daily (or hourly) habit of going to God about your situation. Just talk to God – the way you would a friend and tell him what hurts. He will begin to show you ways to cope and release your resentments If possible go to the person who hurt you and tell him how you feel. It’s not about accusing anyone of anything it’s about having your honest say. Once you have said your piece then move on. Be merciful – God is merciful to you. Remind yourself that you are human and imperfect. You would want forgiveness if you made a mistake so show that same mercy to the one who hurt you. Choosing forgiveness challenges you to look beyond your own hurt and to look at the wrongdoer with mercy. It is not an easy thing to do. Forgiveness does not dismiss the fact that you were hurt – whether intentionally or unintentionally but it does open the door to peace.

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