Greta Inez Smith

Author | Motivational Speaker | Christian Life Coach

5 Lies Culture Tells Christian Singles Again

 As societal power grows inside the church, Christian singles have become as numbed to premarital sex as the rest of the world. Christlike values have taken a back seat to mainstream media. Who doesn’t know unmarried Christians who indulge in  sex or porn?

Christian singles have taken on the attitude of the world when it comes to sex. They indulge without regret. Being single is a great privilege and responsibility for God.

There is no shame in keeping God’s word and preserving your sexual purity. Sex outside of marriage leads to many unwanted issues, such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • STD’s
  • Sexual abuse
  • and other problems as well



  But we must remember that God who loves us and created the beautiful act of sex, is also the final judge on it’s use and purpose.  


Here is a video from Covenant Eyes that talks about lies society tells  singles about sex.